One Robot,
Limitless Possibilities

Intelligent Features

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

With TARQAN all you have to do is set the perimeters and the task. After that, you are good to go!

Customization &

The flexible software allows you to customize robotic automation and scale your operations up or down according to your latest needs and challenges.

Prioritization &

The smart algorithm prioritizes tasks and manages the placement of inventory according to probabilistic data, which improves order picking productivity.


The adaptable vehicle management system (VMS) integrates with your existing warehouse management systems (WMS).


The powerful software mobilizes and coordinates heavy multi-agent traffic even when there is an unexpected increase in orders and customer demand.


The illumination system increases picking accuracy by only detecting the required addresses and relevant shelves, minimizing errors.

Strong Build


The 194mm height and ability to move in any area with 1 cm space on both sides allow TARQAN to enter narrow areas and increase storage capacity.


The 2 m/s no-load speed and 1.5 m/s full-load speed significantly reduce the time it takes to transport the goods and accelerate customer service.


The carbon fiber lining not only adds aesthetic value to TARQAN but also increases his durability and agility.


The exceptional 6-hour battery life and unrivaled 1-hour charge time provide cost-effective and energy-efficient


1000 kg lifting load and 500 product per hour collection rate triples the capabilities of a warehouse.


Human & Robot Cooperations

While robots are much more proficient than humans in precise calculations, they lack the real-world judgments that only humans can provide in a warehouse setting. Therefore, it is necessary to have humans and robots interact in warehouse logistic systems to guide the machines and minimize human error.

Time and Cost-Efficient Operations

Alongside its speed and strength, Tarqan’s unrivaled 6-hour battery life and 1-hour charge time maximize productivity while minimizing operational costs. TARQAN’s battery life lasts up to 20% more than that of other robots. Instead of running 5 robots, you can complete the same job with 4 TARQANs.

Increased Storage Capabilities

Tarqan’s practical features render it ideal for enhancing storage capabilities on several levels. Its smart algorithm optimizes the spatial distribution of goods in warehouses, while its multi-agent traffic control provides a time and energy-efficient manner of transportation. Plus, its low height increases the storage capacity of a warehouse by roughly 5%, according to international industrial shelving standards.

Customer Engagement

With the optimization and acceleration of your fulfillment processes, the quality of your customer experience will undoubtedly go through the roof. Consumers and businesses alike will return to your services. And, improved customer satisfaction means customer retention and more business!

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