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One Robot,
Limitless Possibilities

"Fulfillment Robot Made By A Fulfillment Company" enhances
warehouse efficiency, space flexibility, addressing industry pain points.

aN Industry LEADER

"The Slimmest, Strongest Fulfillment Robot" redefines efficiency with 194 mm height, 1000 kg payload, enhancing operational flexibility.

950 x 770 x 194 mm



2 m/s

No load speed

1.5 m/s

Full load speed

1000 kg


880 mm


Lead the Era of

How you manage your fulfillment process determines your customer satisfaction rate, service levels, operational costs, ROI, and ultimately, success.

Thus, those businesses that deploy fulfillment tech get to lead the industry with faster, more efficient and streamlined fulfillment processes.

Better Warehouse Management

TARQAN is powered with an intelligent fleet management system, mapping out the best routes to better manage peak periods and facilitate seamless operations.

Best Work Safety

TARQAN's increased safety measures cultivate industry 5.0 which allows for the perfect harmony between humans and robots.

Increased Workforce

While a person collects 120-150 products per hour, TARQAN collects 400-500 products per hour, increasing workforce efficiency by 300%.

Reduced Labor Costs

An ordinary AMR may save you time, but TARQAN's high efficiency in goods-to-person processes save you time by 3x, money by 2x and labor by 3x.

High Operational Accuracy

TARQAN's 99.99% accuracy in order picking, mitigates risks, eliminates order delays, and avoids incorrect orders, ultimately improving customer experiences.

Increased Storage Capacity

With a height of only 194mm, TARQAN is the thinnest AMR in its class. So, as it can get under the narrowest racks, you gain 10% more storage capacity compared to others.

Overcome Industry Challenges With TARQAN

Can’t keep up with:

TARQAN is here to help you overcome every challenge there is!

Fulfillment Robot by Fulfillment Pros

Designing the most efficient (and best-looking) AMR ever isn't a success that comes overnight. We owe it to the 10+ years of experience in managing entire fulfillment operations for leading global e-commerce businesses.

So, we get the job. We know what its struggles are, we know the chaos, and we know just what's needed to overcome them all!

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