One Robot,
Limitless Possibilities

Improve your warehouse efficiency and business quality by %300
with intelligent fulfillment robot, TARQAN.

Makes Shifting Easy

Our ability to activate the robot whenever we want, as we want, facilitates the management of peak periods.

Best Safety

Human - computer interaction creates safer security solutions with the lowest possible error percentage.

Increases the Capacity

While a person collects 120-150 products per hour, Tarqan increases the capacity by 300% with 400-500 products per hour.



Your tireless companion Tarqan is at your service for maximizing your efficiency with its powerful software and dedicated expertise.

2 m/s

No load speed


1.5 m/s

Full load speed


600 kg

lıftıng load


880 mm



Lowers Labor Cost
and Intensity

Tarqan will retrieve and move goods, so your people are no longer spending their time walking through warehouse aisles leading to a goods-to-person efficiency.

Picking Accuracy

Illumination system allows to see only the required addresses and relevant shelves which minimizes the errors and increases the picking accuracy dramatically.

Storage Capacity

The ability of Tarqan to move in any area with 1 cm space on both sides allows it to enter narrower areas than required by human labor and increases storage capacity.

Follow the Era of Goods-to-Person

In the e-commerce industry, growing companies and increasing number of orders disrupt the picking of orders and therefore the fulfillment process. Tarqan’s goods-to-person approach minimizes the human error potential.

Works at the speed of thought

Our load-lifting speed is a record 1 second, so we can do the same job in
less time with fewer robots.

Power Your Business
with Future

Tarqan will retrieve and move goods, so your people are no longer spending their time walking through warehouse aisles.


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