Product Specification TRQ-TD-003



Robotics 101 for not so technical readers

Robotics 101 for not so technical readers
Battery life
3000 cycles
6x more than an iPhone
Charging time
≈1 hour (100%)
Faster than an iPhone
Run time
≈5 hours (full capacity)
We love ourselves a coffee break, but TARQAN, doesn't need any
Dimension (LxWxH)
950x770x194 mm
The thinnest in its class—meaning more storage space, less range of motion
Location deviation
10 mm
Always on track, never fails a walk-and-turn test
Maximum payload
1000 kg
Fun fact: the largest bear species are polar bears, weighing an average of 900 kg
Maximum payload size (LxH)
880 mm
Plenty room to carry "Yoda"
Maximum speed (with maximum load)
1.5 m/s
Quite fast considering its baggage
Maximum speed (without load)
2 m/s
Another fun fact: average human walking pace is 1.4 m/s
Minimum pick up
300 pick up/h
Lifting a ton for at least 300 times an hour, now that's what we call a workout!
Navigation system
inertial sensor + QR code + motor encoder
Forget inductive wires and magentic tapes, QR codes are faster to deploy and easier to navigate
Operating Conditions (Temperature relative humidity)
0~40°C (10-85% RH)
Average warehouse temp is 15~25°C with humidity levels between 35-65% RH, you should be good to go!
Power supply
48V nominal 59 Ah
Just an industry standard
150 kg
Lightweight champion in a heavyweight match
Storage Conditions (Temperature relative humidity/Pressure)
-10~45°C (95% RH/870-1085atm)
Your warehouse is a perfect home for it, but feel free to take it elsewhere!

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