Successful eCommerce Fulfillment

6 Tips for Successful eCommerce Fulfillment

Running a successful eCommerce fulfillment process is no walk in the park. You have thousands of orders to keep up with, tons of products to pick and pack, and hundreds of customers to keep happy. 

All these may seem time (and energy) consuming, but with the right best-practice and implementations, you’ll be doing more with less time, money, and resources.  

In this blog, we’ll be sharing the 6 secrets that will help you ace your fulfillment operations.

The 6 Secrets of Successful eCommerce Fulfillment

1. Automate where possible

When it comes to eCommerce fulfillment, there’s a lot to be said about automation. Not only does it help speed up the process and improve efficiency, but it also helps reduce errors and improve safety. And the earlier you invest in them, the faster you get to reap their first-mover advantages!

warehouse automation

That said, one of the most popular warehouse automation technologies is G2P (goods-to-person) robots. These warehouse robots are used to automate the picking process where they:

  • Reduce order picking time,
  • Improve efficiency, 
  • Ensure accuracy, and
  • Increase throughput.

How? Instead of people roaming around the warehouse to pick products, in this scenario, G2Ps bring the products to the picker station. With even this single automation, you’ll be ensuring successful eCommerce fulfillment operations round the clock!

An ordinary G2P is great, but imagine what you can do with TARQAN, an Innovation of the Year awardee!

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2. Get a good Warehouse Management System

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software application that helps control and track warehouse operations, and you definitely need one! A good WMS will:

  • improve inventory accuracy, 
  • streamline stock keeping,
  • increase efficiency,
  • reduce costs,
  • optimize picking routes, 
  • help track shipments, and 
  • simplify return management.

It can also provide visibility into inventory levels and help prevent stockouts. Thus, with the right WMS in place, you’ll be one step closer to ensuring successful eCommerce fulfillment operations.

3. Use technology to your advantage

Automating your picking processes with a G2P or deploying software that will boost your overall operation are some of the best technologies you can have.

However, if you’re active across many marketplaces or eCommerce platforms, another technology you should leverage for a successful eCommerce fulfillment operation is integrator software. 

Integrator software, as the name suggests, will help you integrate multiple online sales from different channels in one place. Thus, it’ll improve stock management, order tracking, and even CRM while saving you time and money.

4. Optimize your last-mile delivery

Your carrier plays an important role in determining how successful you actually are. So much so that 52% of your customers will blame you, not the carrier, for late deliveries.

So, you must optimize your last-mile delivery processes by making sure you work with a carrier company that’s up to your standards. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when evaluating potential carrier companies. 

First, think about the kind of deliveries you need to make. If you’re selling large or heavy items, you’ll need a carrier company that has the infrastructure to handle that. 

Second, consider the geographical areas you need to cover. Make sure the carrier company has a network that covers all the places you need to reach. 

Finally, don’t forget to factor in the cost. You want to find a carrier company that offers competitive rates without sacrificing service quality. With a little research, you can find a carrier company that’s just right for your business.

5. Leverage decentralized warehousing

Decentralized warehousing is the practice of managing inventory at multiple locations where they’d be closer to the end-user, aka your customers, and it’s a god-given implementation. Why?

By placing warehouses closer to population centers, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to get orders from your eCommerce store to your customer’s doorsteps. 

This not only saves you money on shipping costs but also helps to improve customer satisfaction by reducing delivery times, which is just one of the most important indicators of a successful eCommerce fulfillment operation. 

6. Improve your reverse logistics processes

It happens. Your customer may return their order for any number of reasons. And when that’s the case, you have to make sure your reverse logistics processes are as good as it gets. 

Although reverse logistics can seem like a time-consuming and costly process, when done well, it ensures customer satisfaction, effortless stock management, and streamlined warehouse fulfillment operations. That’s why return management is such an important part of successful eCommerce fulfillment processes. 

How can you make it easier? That’s where technology, once again, comes to play. Fulfillment robots can be utilized in put-away processes, whereas a good WMS will make sure you’re on top of all your returns!

Order picking, put-away processes, stock replenishment… There are many ways you can utilize TARQAN within your warehouse.

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All in all…

There’s no doubt about it—fulfilling eCommerce orders can be a daunting task. But by following the six secrets outlined in this blog post, you can set your business up for success. 

From automating where possible to investing in a good warehouse management system, these tips will help you streamline your fulfillment process and keep your customers happy. 

Want to hop on the automation train? Contact our automation specialists to tailor your journey!

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