7 Ways to Improve Total Order Cycle Time

total order cycle time

The total order cycle time is an important KPI for everywhere warehouse around the globe. It affects everything in your fulfillment cycle, from how fast your customers get their orders to your average daily order volume.  So, it’s best that you take a look at your operations and figure out which you can improve to […]

11 Instant Benefits of Goods-To-Person Robots 

11 Instant Benefits of Goods-To-Person Robots

There are many benefits of goods-to-person robots that you’ll witness over time—the major ROI you’ll get and the time you’ll be able to devote to other value-added processes while warehouse automation technologies do the job are just a few of them.  However, there are also some significant benefits of goods-to-person robots that you’ll experience instantly, […]

5 Unspoken Reasons to Look Out for an AGV’s Design

Agv's design

When deploying an AGV, or any other fulfillment robot for that matter, you consider its capabilities, features, and pricing—but what about its design? After all, an AGV’s design can account for many things within your warehouse.  What do we mean by “its design?” Everything regarding its outer appearance, from its dimensions to its exterior materials.  […]